A handwritten letter

Word by word this letter bring bang and endless stream of memories. I write it 3 years ago while I lived in Oxfordshire and worked as a volunteer. It reflects the transformation I went through from being lonely and afraid to being happy and confident. I miss those days.

Since those sentences flowed from my mind to the paper a lot of things have happened and I’ve had many important lifelessons. I learned that I could do almost anything if believed in it. I figured how to be independent from my parents. I woke curiosity for trye things I did not previously belived I would ever have an interest for. I think it was the best year of my life so far and I would not change it for anything. All the challenges, conflicts and temporary pains were all worth the freedom, joy and growth I experienced those 12 months. It was incredible.

I’m not sure if it means more to me to read it now or for my family to read it bacck then. But I do know that its a shame that handwritten letters is a dying art. All the love and soul put into them, can never really be captured in the digital form. I hope the art of handwriting will never die.


Playing with programming

This semester I am challenged with the course “Introduction to programming” at university. This is rather difficult and takes a lot of effort, but I love to play with it. Here is a snapshot of one of my personal projects.

This little program loads a list of choice and picks a random word on that list.

I got “Innovation” this time from my list of positive words to inspire me during the day.

My thought here is to be able to implement all sorts of lists and then get a random word from this list. I’m thinking my next nove could be to have the jar of challenges in a digital edition. Adding to or removing from the list is super easy, so adapting it to own needs is super easy. If anyone has a suggestions for a purpose this generator could serve, please let me know! Inspiration for meal planning? Who to do the task? What dancemove is nekt in the routine? All ideas are welcome!

If you wanna have fun with programming I recommend trying out “processing” since it is easy to set up and you will get going swiftly if you set your mind to it! Enjoy

Jar of challenges

How do you improve yourself and nurture developement? You challenge yourself! Thats why I made my jar of challenges! The purpose to pick a paper everyday and do the challenge on it. In my jar all of the challenges can ve performed more or less anywhere by anyone. If you can read, have phone and maybe pen and paper then you are good to go.

You can make the same yourself and adapt it to your preferences. Get some inspiration on pinterest, they have an unlimited amount of ideas for any interest! Want a photo challenge? A blogging challenge? DIY? Decluttering? Anything is possible! Be brave, be ambitious and challenge yourself!

Zentangles in many shapes

I love to express myself through my artwork. Pen and paper has been the most succesful media for me so far and here is a little selection with some of my better results. These are all in the Black and White category, but I also do coloured drawings from time to time. Let me know what you think about these.

A little piece of me

Sometimes I feel like sharing my thoughts with others. This blog is one of my ways to do so. Hopefully my thoughts will make some kind of sense to you. If we are lucky they might even appeal to you and inspire you. Previously I’ve tried blogging on Facebook, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with that. That’s why I thought I’d give WordPress a try.

First I will present myself to you. Obviously I can’t include all the details, but here is a rough presentation of who I am:

My name is Nikoline, but usually people just call me Niko. I am an INFJ and that means I’m not like most others. But neither do I want to, ’cause normal is boring. Quotes are awesome and here are some of those that describe me the best. I also have a board of wise and inspirational quotes I try to live after.

For some more standard information:IMG_7658 (1)

  • Born in March 1995 and raised in Denmark by Danish parents
  • Scout since 2002 (and I’m proud of this!)
  • Love reading, drawing, being outdoors and dancing
  • Currently live in England
  • Volunteer as a fulltime activity instructor

Now that you’ve got a little piece of me, you have a foundation for understanding some of all the things I will share here. Please let me know what you think.