What do you want to know? You can always comment on my blog posts and ask questions if you like. But let me tell you some of the basic things about this blog.

Recently I’ve become increasingly passionate about personal development. Some of this excitement and experiences I want to share with you. I try to make it a combination of stories, lessons and advice which are easy and pleasant to read, but leave you something to think about. The point of sharing it with you is to inspire you in your own process of personal development.

Drawing has always been a loyal hobby of mine. But sometimes pen and paper is not quite enough alone to facilitate my creative expressions. I like to do things myself and have a project (or several) of some kind going. Sometimes I need some ideas to get started and that’s why I want to provide these creativity and DIY posts for others to be inspired from

My head can be an absolute mess sometimes. An efficient way to sort it out and get it organised or cleaned a bit is to write things down. There’s no overall theme for all this I just call it thoughts because it appeals more to me than uncategorized. Of course you’ll only read about the parts that I actually find comfortable enough to share with others, but this part of the blog is the most “raw” one.

If you want to some basic things about me and how this blog started then read my first blog post “A little piece of me


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