Life is full of suprises. Some are more pleasant than others. I always do my best to smile my way through whatever challenges I might face. Easy enough sometimes, but in some cases it’s almost impossible. I want to be strong and I need to be strong especially now. Even though I’m an adult, moved out and have my own life I still feel a bit helpless now. I am still hopeful for the future though. It will bring many more pleasant moments. I’m surrounded by people who will always have my back. I love them all and I know they love me too. My situation now is unexpected and new to me. But I will learn and I will grow with this experience. I know there is going to be a bright future ahead of this mess. My father made his own decision and we cannot change that. He have said his final goodbye and now we must let him go and accept that he is no longer anongst us. I will miss my dad, my hero and my supporter in everything.

He was loved and respected by a lot of people. Serveral bouquets of flowers have already arrived at our door. We have all the support we need and we are together in this. I will be challenged on my patience with my mother and brother now. All the decision we are facing is quite a bit to handle. I’m trying to accept their sorrow, frustration and helplessness, but at the same time I easily become agitated because of their passiveness, indecisiveness or the speed of which they are doing things. I need to control my temper and grow ny patience and ability to listen. Now I see that this is one of my very most important challenges here and now. The practical stuff will be sorted somehow at some point. My actions and communication with my family will only work, if I make it work. Please let me have the strength to be the best daughter and sister in this phase of their lives. 


Freedom from limiting beliefs

I am fortunate. I am privileged. I am lucky.

I grew up in a loving family and I have always been loved unconditionally. I grew up in a wealthy country and I always had everything I needed. Whatever I did, whatever challenges I faced someone was always there to support me. All the options have always been right in front of my feet. I can decide on any career I want, go anywhere I like and be with whoever I love. I have the right and the power to make any decision concerning my life. I am not held back by anything but myself.

I am free and most likely so are you. The only thing that can hold you back is if you tether yourself to limiting beliefs. Do not convince yourself that you are not good enough, not capable or not worthy of something in life. Of course you are good enough! Maybe not right now, but you will be if you set your mind to it. Dare to dream big and go chase those dreams. Don’t hold yourself back it will only cause you misery. Every goal can be reached if you just break it down to small bits and take action one step at the time.

When I use the term limiting beliefs what I mean is beliefs that somehow prevents you from growing and pursuing your dreams. I learned about this in the INFJ Purpose blueprint course. One of my most dominant limiting beliefs is that I can not do anything that my parents will disapprove. Even though I moved away from home and I am taking care of myself without problems I need their approval for almost everything I do. I get scared if I do something they might not like and I feel guilty. subconsciously many of my decisions are based on: Would this make my parents proud? And I know it is a bit silly for a grown woman living by herself to worry about her parents thoughts on her. But that is my tether: My belief that I can do something that does not make my parents proud.

Now you might ask: How do I escape my limiting beliefs? First you need to recognize them. If you do not accept the fact that some belief of yours is in fact limiting you, then you will not be able to conquer it. Next step is to find proof that it isn’t true. Find examples of something happening to you despite that belief, something positive. A common limiting belief is the fear of rejection. You do not ask for what you want because you are afraid that you will get rejected. Look for situations in your life where you asked for something and did in fact get it. Even if it is small things. Then move to the bigger ones. Also recall situations where you did get rejected, but it wasn’t that bad. Again start with the small things. Maybe you asked to pay with your card but they said they only took cash. Was that the end of the word? Of course not, then you wouldn’t be here. You’ll start realising that your limiting belief is in fact not true at all. You can then challenge yourself to do these things that scare you and goes against that withering limiting belief. Of course it should be meaningful to you, not just disprove it. For example I would not do something just because I think my parents would dislike it, but I would do it because I believed it would make me happy no matter what my parents think.

You will find yourself relieved to get rid of these limiting beliefs and start building empowering beliefs instead. Limiting beliefs is no. 5 on the list of 15 things you should give up to be happy I like this list a lot and try my best to follow these 15 pieces of advise. I am more succesful in some areas that others. I few of them overlap a bit as well, but I believe it is just to make sure it covers it all. I find that whenever I am uncomfortable, restless, sad or angry it is due to me holding on to one of these things on the list that I should just let go (unless I’m sick and that is luckily rare). So unleash yourself from the tethers and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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