Live in the moment

Regrets are a consequence of livening in the past. Being worried is a consequence of living in the future. Being happy is a benefit of living in the moment. Only by bringing awareness to this very second of your existence you can feel calm and happpy. So let go of the past and stop worrying about the past.

Today I realised it is a lot easier for me to do this when it’s the beginning of the holidays. Privileged and lucky as I am, I have more than 2 months of holidays this summer from university. When all the deadlines of the semester have been met it is so much easier to just relax and not worry. Then I experience many happy moments where I’m just aware that I feel good. Conscious happiness is amazing and exiting. It makes me curious how I can facilitate it again.

Living in the moment is truly amazing and I recommend it to everyone. It is relieving and it brings out the best in you. The practice of meditation can help you with this. So choose to be happy in this very second and then just take it from there.


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