#6 of 21 daily blog posts

I know, I am not the best at posting every day. But this is mainly just a challenge to help me push myself to be consistent. Even if I don’t post every day it’s ok if I just improve. I want to improve my writing and I know the best way to do that is to practice.

As a mentor, I help many young students at the age anywhere from 8 to 18. So far it’s mainly been English and Maths. I love that job so much I would not change it for anything. At least not for now. Every time I learn new things about teaching or about my students and their lives. I improve my ability to explain, motivate and be patient. Since they are all different, I am challenged to adapt my approach to each of their needs. In that way, I also practice my skills in “reading” people.

Because of this job I have revisited my reflections about becoming a teacher. What holds me back is a bit odd. I want to prove I can be anything I want, so now I’ve gone for a higher academic education. Actually, I don’t even know if it is a higher degree I think it is the same level. But my level of motivation with my current studies tells me I should do something else. Another thing is the difference between teaching students 1 to 1 and then having a full class of 28 all at once. I prefer a smaller number of students at the time.

Billedresultat for decisions

Right now my struggle is: Should I stay or should I leave my studies? What do I want my future to hold? How do I get there? Is it the life as a design engineer I want? Or the life of a teacher? Or something else?


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