#5 of 21 daily blog posts

Let me tell you a bit about food. My shopping, cooking and eating habits have chaged quite a bit the last few months. I’m more conscious abojt what I purchase and consume. Now that I buy almost all my food myself (all except when I am eating with someone else) I think a lot about what I invest my momey into and what Iam putting inside my body. I care about my health and I kmow that requires paying attention to my diet. I do not buy or eat meat though I occasionally eat fish when others cook for me. I tried to eat vegan at first, but changed to vegetarian when I was suggested I needed a better source of protein. I get that from eggs and milk now.

Besides my health I also try to be environmental friendly with my way of life. That’s the rason I stopped eating meat. Today I took a new approach and focus on preventing food waste. Therefore I did dumpster divibg for the first time. The reason I didn’t do it before was because I thought it was illegal. But I researched it and it’s not breaking any laws, so I felt good to go. The food on the picture though is not from the dumpsters, but I took both bread, fruit, milk and kale. So pretty succesful for a first time I would say. It’s probably not the last either.


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