#4 of 21 daily blog post

    So I forgot to post yesterday, but I will make up for it today. This post will be about my hopes and plans for the future. So currently I am studying sustainable design. We havesome really cool content and I learn a lot. Some of it is directly from the professors and some is own research inspired from the subjects we discuss in class. Sustainability and environmental awareness are subjects I’ve enjoyed diving into. And I am trying to adapt and modify my lifestyle to become less of problem for the planet. Among the actions I’ve taken, is cutting meat of my diet and started growing a few food items myself. For many years I’ve tried to use as little power as possible and not have the heating turn ed on when not needed. I use my bicycle when going somewhere if possible. I’m not close to perfect at all, but I’m trying to do little things here and there to get closer.

    Here you see the amazing avocado salad I got when my aunt and uncle heard I was eating vegan and it was absoulute delicious.


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