#2 of 21 daily blog posts!

Yesterday I wrote about some quotes. Today I want to share with you why the world is beautiful and why I love to live. As I already mentioned I believe the World sapes according to your mind. I try to focus on all the lovely details of life and that helps me to enjoy the little things. My life is not perfect at all, but I wouldn’t change it for any other life. I’ve traveled the road of experiences and memories. I’ve learned many important lessons, smiled many times and met people that inspired me.

My life is a life I love to live because of a certain kind of content. Something that I couldn’t do without. If I ever lose it, I will lose myself. That special content is purpose. I live because I know someone loves me and someone counts on me. I maje positive differences in peoples life. I help people who need it. I am proud of ny job and I absolutely love it. It brings me joy, it challenges me and it gives me purpose.

Here is one if thise little thulings I love about life. The sunset from my kitchen windowwas beautiful this day. Enjoy your own day and don’t forget to appreciate the little things! 


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