#7 of 21 daily blog post

Summer has come to Denmark. Going outside has started to make me worry about sunburn. But it is lovely and the many hours of daylight is truly enjoyable. It doesn’t solve all problems but it does make it a bit easier to deal with. I’m sitting here in the garden and taking a little break before the events of the weekend.  

This weekend I will hopefully learn many new things from my fellow scout friends. We have these days of education where we teach each other a lot of cool stuff. I’m not as active as I used to be in scouting, but I still love it when I do engage in the events. Now I feel like I should invest my time differently. Honestly I’m not the best at it though. My head is filled with all kinds of things abd sometimes I wish it could just be quiet, but unfortunately I’m not able to do so. Processing thoughts is healthy I believe, but I think everyone needs a break through sometimes. 

The cool thing about this awesome place is that it gives me the opportunity to take my mind of some of the daily stuggles. I love to be around the people, breathe the fresh air and look at the beautiful nature. I recommend every finding a place where they can feel like I do here.


#6 of 21 daily blog posts

I know, I am not the best at posting every day. But this is mainly just a challenge to help me push myself to be consistent. Even if I don’t post every day it’s ok if I just improve. I want to improve my writing and I know the best way to do that is to practice.

As a mentor, I help many young students at the age anywhere from 8 to 18. So far it’s mainly been English and Maths. I love that job so much I would not change it for anything. At least not for now. Every time I learn new things about teaching or about my students and their lives. I improve my ability to explain, motivate and be patient. Since they are all different, I am challenged to adapt my approach to each of their needs. In that way, I also practice my skills in “reading” people.

Because of this job I have revisited my reflections about becoming a teacher. What holds me back is a bit odd. I want to prove I can be anything I want, so now I’ve gone for a higher academic education. Actually, I don’t even know if it is a higher degree I think it is the same level. But my level of motivation with my current studies tells me I should do something else. Another thing is the difference between teaching students 1 to 1 and then having a full class of 28 all at once. I prefer a smaller number of students at the time.

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Right now my struggle is: Should I stay or should I leave my studies? What do I want my future to hold? How do I get there? Is it the life as a design engineer I want? Or the life of a teacher? Or something else?

#5 of 21 daily blog posts

Let me tell you a bit about food. My shopping, cooking and eating habits have chaged quite a bit the last few months. I’m more conscious abojt what I purchase and consume. Now that I buy almost all my food myself (all except when I am eating with someone else) I think a lot about what I invest my momey into and what Iam putting inside my body. I care about my health and I kmow that requires paying attention to my diet. I do not buy or eat meat though I occasionally eat fish when others cook for me. I tried to eat vegan at first, but changed to vegetarian when I was suggested I needed a better source of protein. I get that from eggs and milk now.

Besides my health I also try to be environmental friendly with my way of life. That’s the rason I stopped eating meat. Today I took a new approach and focus on preventing food waste. Therefore I did dumpster divibg for the first time. The reason I didn’t do it before was because I thought it was illegal. But I researched it and it’s not breaking any laws, so I felt good to go. The food on the picture though is not from the dumpsters, but I took both bread, fruit, milk and kale. So pretty succesful for a first time I would say. It’s probably not the last either.

#4 of 21 daily blog post

    So I forgot to post yesterday, but I will make up for it today. This post will be about my hopes and plans for the future. So currently I am studying sustainable design. We havesome really cool content and I learn a lot. Some of it is directly from the professors and some is own research inspired from the subjects we discuss in class. Sustainability and environmental awareness are subjects I’ve enjoyed diving into. And I am trying to adapt and modify my lifestyle to become less of problem for the planet. Among the actions I’ve taken, is cutting meat of my diet and started growing a few food items myself. For many years I’ve tried to use as little power as possible and not have the heating turn ed on when not needed. I use my bicycle when going somewhere if possible. I’m not close to perfect at all, but I’m trying to do little things here and there to get closer.

    Here you see the amazing avocado salad I got when my aunt and uncle heard I was eating vegan and it was absoulute delicious.

#3 of 21 daily blog posts!

  • What do you do to relax and empty your mind? I have a few different ways of doing it. Sometimes I run. Then I also feel good for being active and taking care of my body. I have also tried meditation. It’s difficult though. I’m rarely calm enough to actually enjoy it and feel like I benefit from it. But a third way of relaxing I really enjoy is drawing patterns. The last few months I’ve made mandalas. Like the ones on the picture. These are not even the best, but I will share with you the best ones another day. Have a lovely Sunday every one and remember to relax a bit sometimes.


#2 of 21 daily blog posts!

Yesterday I wrote about some quotes. Today I want to share with you why the world is beautiful and why I love to live. As I already mentioned I believe the World sapes according to your mind. I try to focus on all the lovely details of life and that helps me to enjoy the little things. My life is not perfect at all, but I wouldn’t change it for any other life. I’ve traveled the road of experiences and memories. I’ve learned many important lessons, smiled many times and met people that inspired me.

My life is a life I love to live because of a certain kind of content. Something that I couldn’t do without. If I ever lose it, I will lose myself. That special content is purpose. I live because I know someone loves me and someone counts on me. I maje positive differences in peoples life. I help people who need it. I am proud of ny job and I absolutely love it. It brings me joy, it challenges me and it gives me purpose.

Here is one if thise little thulings I love about life. The sunset from my kitchen windowwas beautiful this day. Enjoy your own day and don’t forget to appreciate the little things! 

#1 of 21 daily blog posts!

Today I decided I’m going to write a blog post every day for the rest of the month. Some days it might be short ones, some days longer ones. I will share a little bit of what I am going through and more importantly what I am learning. When I learn something I want to share it so others can benefit from it as well. Today I will share some quotes with you and I would like to know what you think of them. Do you think they are true? Do they inspire you? Do they affect you in any positive way at all?

“Energy flows where attention goes”

My mom had this quote in her bedroom by the mirror. When I saw it the first time I was just a child and I didn’t understand it. But these words have returned to me later in life I know I see how it is an illuminating truth. So mind your attention and focus on what is important to you.

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change” – Michael Jackson

The king of pop gives the best piece of advice ever in this quote. That’s my opinion. Always begin with your own mistakes, not others. So many people are hesitant to change or maybe even fighting change. There are thousands of beautiful quotes about the value of change. Let me finish off by sharing with you this one:

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