I thought it would never happen to me. It has happened to me. I was so naive I thought the entire world would never do me any harm. But I was wrong. I was in shock and I felt so alone, so vulnerable and so stupid when it happened. I cried my eyes out and I didn’t know what to do. How could it be true? I hoped to wake from this evil dream surrounding me. But it was not a dream. It was real life. They took my bag with all of my school supplies, my computer and my wallet. I lost all sense of logic and rationalism. In my distressed state of mind I could barely ride my bike. My eyes were wet, my mind was foggy and my body was restless. I almost got myself involved in a traffic accident, because I crossed a traffic light when I was not supposed to. My blood sugar was low, I was hungry and I was extremely upset. I felt like I had just lost in life… All of this happened yesterday.


A new place

Little more than a week ago I left my parents house and moved into a small 10 square meter room closer to the city. This room is located in an apartment I share with 3 nice young guys. Now the furniture and most of my belongings finally found their new place and I have stated establishing a new way around daily life. I enjoy being closer to the university and getting a break from my parents. Even though I love those 3 people back “home” I prefer having my own place and I feel like that has come true now.

Cooking and preparing food is now a daily chore, shopping and washing is now completely my own responsibility and social life around home has changed. But I really enjoy it. It’s all worth it for the freedom and peace I get at my new place. I’ve arranged a few social meals with my roomies, but mostly we just say “hi” or “bye” when we come or leave.