Currently exams are approaching rather quickly. I need to get ready and my main focus in my preparations is to understand the subjects. These are some of my notes for these subjects I really struggle with. In hindsight I see I should have taken them during the semester, not just before the exam… But oh well, now I’ll just try to get the best out if it. Today I did not get to my goal of studying, but I did achieve quite a bit and that’s the most important thing. I like to make them as visual as possible. Drawings are great for my understanding of the concept and they are easy to identify when looking through many pages in a short amount of time.

Notes are essential for understanding and remembering new and complicated concepts. I wish my notetaking was better. That’s why I practice. In high school I wished I had more and better notes when approaching the exams. I think it would have helped me a lot. I never mastered the notetaking skill and gave up on it a little. In the end I just had a few pages here and there,but nothing substantial. This year in university I want to change that. I will take notes continuously and be grateful for it in the end. That’s my goal!

I picked the word “understanding” today as seen on the picture. My first thought was my studies and the coming exams. So I decided ro commit even more to my notetaking, since that is a major help for me when learning something. I you cannot learn something without understanding it. I recommend good notetaking to all of you as well, whether you study or not.


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