Entering a new year

Now that 2016 has ended I would like to share with you biggest achievements of the last 365 days:

  • Passed my zip wire assessment
  • Passed my aerial trek assessment
  • Completed an unknown amount of succesful sessions in a variety of activities
  • Made it to round two in my first salsa competition
  • Traveled to Switzerland to stay with a person I’ve never seen privately before
  • Wrote a mission statement
  • Passed my 3G swing assessment
  • Passed my abseiling assessment
  • Passed my multi ropes assessment
  • Started journaling
  • Started meditating
  • Shot 6 bullseyes in a row
  • Got countless compliments for my salsa and bachata dancing
  • Made long lasting friends from around the world
  • Made countless costumers smile and appriciate my work
  • Explored my INFJ personality
  • Explored my Enneagram type 1 personality
  • Read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and used it actively
  • Moved to a different Scout Activity Centre where I feel like I fit in better
  • Completed my placement with volunteer work abroad
  • Sold my first gig on fiverr (totally underpriced though)
  • Launched my blog on wordpress, made 50 posts, gained 20 likes and gathered 25 followers
  • Wrote the first few pages of a self help book
  • Got rid of more than a thousand sheets of paper I don’t need anymore
  • Started university and lasted the year out
  • Received my first 5 ECTS points
  • Passed my first exam at university
  • Hosted a succesful teambuilding event for my co-students at university
  • Became 15% fluent in Spanish
  • Got a job as a mentor (tutor/homework helper) 
  • Had more than 20 hours of teaching and helping
  • Received positive feedback from all of my students and their families
  • Became 21% fluent in French
  • Wrote more than 30 thousand words on the INFJ forum

What have you achieved in 2016? Write it down. I did the same for 2015. Instead of making a new years resolution I make these lists. I’m exited to look back at them in a few years to remind myself I’m moving forward in life. This is strongly recommended for everyone, you get a really good feeling when you realised that you actually did a lot of important things in the year that have passed.

New years eve was celebrated with my uncle and cousins. The TV signal failed, so we couldn’t watch the HRH the Queen’s New Years Speech. Besides eating and watching the fireworks I spend the time trying to assemble this puzzle.


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