Tidy, clean and de-cluttered

Well lets say my tidy up project is… still in progress…

One of my holiday projects is to tidy up, declutrer and rededorate my room. I feel like this is a never ending process especially the de-cluttering part. New things and papers seem to come alle thw time and for some reason I struggle to get rid of them again. I do believe that tidiness is important for a happy life though so I’m determined to cut down on all the mess. This also applies to the “invisible” mess in the drawers, boxes and cupboards. 

A piece of advise for you all out there. If you havent used or missed some thing for a year, get rid of it. Chances are you will either be happy to have less clutter and not miss it at all, unless you know you are going to use it for something specific in the near future. For example I have 3 big boxes under my bed with kitceh gear and other stuff for the day I move away from home. Some of it has been there for more than 2 years, but I know it will have a use within a few years.


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