Christmas is a time filled with expectations. The food has to be perfect, your hoping for the very best gifts and you are lloking forward to a wonderful time with your loved ones. Theres barely any room for mistakes this day. 

I’ve been told multiple times bot to have high hopes or I will meet a lot if disappointment. That is true, but it’s also really sad I think. You need to dare dreaming, dare hoping for the best. If not, you will just get use to the ordinary and accept mediocrity. I don’t think it should be like that. Strive for the very best and allow yourself to expect as well sometimes. Otherwise the average will just be a self fulfilling prophesy.

On the subject I can add for fun, that I had power failure today for the first time in years. Power and water is something most of us expect to have available right at hand all the time. Many depend on it for different reasons. Our power supply company has promiesed that it will be back within an hour, but who knows. 


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