Today I did some Christmas shopping after turning in my semester project at university. Now I have all the gifts for my family members which I’ll celebrate Christmas eve with. I even have a few extra things for my mum, simply because I love her and she has been so supportive and lovely during this tough time of long days with hard work on my project. I’m looking forward to give all these wonderful things to the people I love. My brother and I are giving the things together. It’s absolutely wonderful to be so good friends with my brother and we really enjoy doing things together. Relationships with friends and family are the key to a happy life I believe. Therefore I intend to dedicate at least half om my holidays to the people I love and care for. The rest will simply be recharging time and time for self improvement in different ways.  

Soon I’ll have to go home, because I’ve spend so much money today already. Remember the best gifts are not necessarily expensive, but they are personal and full love and care.


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