Busy times

Now the last week before the project deadline we are really busy in our team. I’ve neen taking a ton of notes on corrections we need to do. The to do lists in general seems endless. Hopefully it will turn out great and be finished in time.

Even though uni takes a terrible amont of time and energy I did see my mentee this weekend. I love being a mentor, because I get to teach, inspire and motivate these young people to do good. They even gave me this lovely little glass of dweets for Christmas. I love this job!

Family time well spend by playing our favorite board game. A much needed break from all the hustle and bustle and a good way of being together.

  • Busy? Oh yes.
  • Challenged? Definitely yes.
  • Learning? All the time yes.
  • Looking forward to the holidays? Yes they better come soon!

Stay positive out there… I try and I do recommend it!


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