The time of (for)giving

How is it possible not to get in Christmas mood when thw shopping mall looks like this? Well, I decided to get some small presents for each of my 4 team mates at uni. We’ve had a rough time, but they are cool people. The tone has been harsh lately, so I want to finish of on a good note. Even though they are very small gifts I hope they will like them and it will bring some good vibes out. Giving is the one way you can use money to buy happiness. So give more gifts, wven if they are small.

A lot of this conflict has been very emotional for me. I tend to loose my temper for different reasons, and then I’m easy to negotiate with. I’m afraid I’ve caused more trouble than help. I’m afraid to admit it as well. I want to be a fantastic and appreciated group member, but it seems I’m not. Over Christmas I will reflect even more on this, and hopefully come out as a better human being. For now I’m focusing on the things that give me energy so I can finish the project in the best way possible. Remember to keep focus on what makes you motivated, so you can finish your projects and reach your goals. 


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