Succes in the little things

Today I have 3 little stories of succes from the last 2 days for you. I hope you enjoy them and remember to appreciate the smalm victories in your own life as well.

I got to speak to a former supervisor of mine at uni. She understands me on such a deep level and we can relate so much to each other. Her advise means so much more ro me than any other of the couselers I’ve gotten to speak to, because I feel like they come from someone who actually understands how I feel and what I am dealing with. now I need to act on everything she said. but the important things right now is I feel validated, encouraged and ready to take on that challenge. The goal is to get through this semester with a good feeling about it!

Yesterday was another long day at university working on a written exam I turned in today. I have had a good feeling about it, because I believe I made a paper of a high standard. Not many students were on campus so it was fairly peaceful. My team members worked from home, so I also got a break from them. However I did phone and text one of them so we could give each other some feedback on our work. That was really beneficial and felr good. After rereading, minor adjustments and a dew illustrations I turned it in just before noon. So the rest of the day I allowed myself to chill out and do exactly as I pleased to celebrate.

This evening I had a little meet up with a new student of mine in my mentor career. It went really well, and both the girl and the dad seemed positive and hopeful about it. It makes ne so happy to see my students happy and exited about the subjects I help them with. when they do good I get so exited and proud of them. All the lovely and complimenting feedback  just makes it even better. I absolutely love this job.

A few words of advise at last. I heard a young girl say these wise words that I want to share: “Stay hungry, humble and honest!”


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