Blogging feat Olivia

As promised here comes the blog post featuring a follower! My wonderful and lovely friend Olivia and I had a skype date some time ago and I asked her a few questions. Here’s her answers. Enjoy:

What made you follow the blog?

• The fact that you’re my friend! And it’s a nice way of getting updates on your thoughts and what you’re up to in life. It also feels more personal than Facebook updates.

Do you have a favourite subject on the blog? If so, why?

None – I like the fact that you write/talk about lots of different things!

What is your story of how we know each other?

We met through salsa – the first few months you were just another face in the class. I think the first time I really noticed you was when I saw you putting on walking boots and waterproof trousers, and I thought, what?? This is Oxford! Why do you need them?? Of course I didn’t realise that you weren’t based in Oxford…

Then in January I noticed that you were wearing heels and a dress, whereas in the first term it had always been trousers and practical shoes. I think from there we just got chatting at La Iglesia socials, and between classes, and as I started to learn to lead we could dance together. I feel like we really became friends after I invited you over to mine for a cup of tea, and we stayed chatting and drinking tea all evening!

If you could decide on any subject, what would my next blog post be on?

Probably something about how you tie in the things you’ve been learning on you personal development with the challenges that you face in working in a team.

What would you like to share with readers on personal development if you were to write a blog post?

 I’ve been reading lots of really interesting psychology books recently, so if I were to write a blog post, it would probably be something along the lines of a short book review on each of them. For those interested their titles are:

  • Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution, by Paul Watzlawick Pragmatics of Human Communication: A Study of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies and Paradoxes, by Paul Watzlawick et al.
  • The Structure of Magic I: A Book About Language and Therapy, by John Grinder and Richard Bandler
  • The Language of Change: Elements of Therapeutic Communication, by Paul Watzlawick
  • The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious: The Pursuit of Unhappiness, by Paul Watzlawick
  • My Voice Will Go with You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, by Sidney Rosen
  • A Theory of Personality: Psychology of Personal Constructs, by George Kelly
  • The Art of Change: Strategic Therapy and Hypnotherapy without Trance, by Giorgio Nardone and Pauk Watzlawick
  • How Real Is Real?: Confusion, Disinformation, Communication, by Paul Watzlawick
  • The Structure of Magic, The Language of Change, and A Theory of Personality are all quite technical. Easier to read are Change; Pragmatics of Human Communication; The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious (very funny!); and How Real is Real? (fascinating book about how we perceive our reality).

What do you think? Should we ask Olivia for some book reviews? To ease the task we could ask for just 3 reviews and you can decide which 3 it’s gonna be.



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