Getting in Christmas mood

Yesterday was black friday and that kickstarted my gift shopping, at uni they’ve been playing christmas tunes for weeks and tomorrow it’s the first sunday of advent. There’s now less than a month to the big family celebration day and I’m starting to get exited. 

Lately all my time and energy has been spent elsewhere, but I’m considering dedicatibng mire of it to my followers and readesrs in december. I’ve been thinking about an advent calendar of blogposts with one for each day in december until christmas day. Every day I will post new content all themed on christmas one way or the other. What’s your thoughts on this? Any wishes about form or content?



Achieving clarity is something I’ve attemptet most of my life. Often it’s been a search for purpose and identity. This search never seems to end. However I learn something new everyday. The last few years in particular I’ve learned a lot about myself. I learned about my needs, my limits, my values and my patterns.  What’s the point of life? For what reason have I been placed here on earth? Right now a lot of my thoughts and mental energy is directed towards my studies. I need to figure out how to handle the pressure and pass my different exams. At the same time I just want to enjoy life and do something which is fun but maybe not that productive or reasonable. I do not enjoy university at the minute, but neither do I want to be a quitter. Hopefully there will soon be clarity about how to handle my situation and rediscover the optimistic, enthusiastic and determined me. I miss that side of myself being more dominant.