Daily Prompt: Giant

 So today’s prompt is “Giant” and what do I have to say about that? So far I just feel like the work load from university has been, well, giant. Read this, read that, research this problem just to discover 5 additional problems. Produce these worksheets about subjects you are only halfway understanding, read your e-mails and keep updated on all your deadlines. I feel tired just thinking about all this and I feel guilty when I can’t keep up with the efficiency of my project group and other co-students.

I used to be so confident in my ability and enthusiasm for this study. But it’s fading. I don’t know I should keep going or do something completely different. Right now the hardest part is our project because I feel like I’ve hid a dead end, but i don’t dare stepping back and starting over. My superviser turned sick recently and I think she’s gonna be away for a long time. Her lessons were some of my favourites and  I felt really good about talking to her. I wish I could talk to her now. Now I’m sitting here in our niche and writing blogposts instead of working, because I’m all alone and I just don’t know where to begin, where to end or whats in the middle. I feel lost on this project and I have no motivation strong enough to get started.

Once I learned a “trick” about making decisions and being in tough situations. Sometimes it’s hard to be tational, objective or openminded about your own struggles. But imagine your best friend were in your situation. What advise would you give him or her?

New reveil:

For a long time I’ve want to give myself this giant challenge of writing a book. I’ve decided that I might as well get started right away, and that’s what I have done. It’s going to be a selfhelp book about self-developement. I’m quite anxious to reveil this fact to anyone. You, my readers, are the first to know. I haven’t told anyone at all yet. Not only my closest family or my best friend. Please let me know if you have ideas to elements or sections you think should be part of this book. I am open to all suggestions.

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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Giant

  1. INFJash says:

    Niko I know how you are feeling regarding university, believe me. What I’ve learnt is that all you can do is pick away at the big mound of work. Make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes everyday to do something fun for yourself. Set aside time daily to exercise or spend time outside for 30-50 min. The longer you procrastinate the worse you will feel. It is a downward spiral.

    Seek support from your university. If you are a student they usually have free services like counselling or tutors available. Get help. Most do and they feel better for it. Reach out to your classmates. Let them know you are having trouble with the assignment and ask if they have any tips on where to start. Talk to your professor. They are there to support you.:)


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