Math and more

Wednesday is the day of my first university exam. The subject is maths and it’s not that easy. Today I made serveral pages of exercises like the one on the picture. Though I’m not completely lost in all of it I feel like there’s a long way to mastering these skills. Tomorrow the hard work will continue hopefully with some help from fellow students.
These university courses are more demanding than I initially thought. With an unstable and uneasy atmosphere at home, depression and stress threatening it’s not easy to be the super hero. I told my group I’m considering other opportunities like psychology and how the situation at home is affecting me. With some help from one of my lectors we had good talk and made a deal that I can be eased a bit from the work load. I hope and believe it will help me finding more motivation and feel less stressed over my studies. They are 4 very friendly and tolerant people, so I have faith in the future of the group. Now I just feel relieved that I’ve shared my status with somebody. 

I recommend that you open up as well when trouble is over you. You have to go through it alone.


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