Appreciation and gratefulness are amongst the things in life I believe to be the most important. A wise person once said: “The secret to having everything you want on your life is believing you already do.” So be thankful for all that you do have. I like this quotes amongst many others as you might already know.

AIMG_20161002_224532.jpgnother important part in sustainable happiness is knowing that you are unique and valuable. No one can substitute you and you are perfect at being you. Sure there are skills and habits you can improve, but that’s the excitement and joy of life. Even though I’ve been told multiple times that I should only ever compete with myself I do compare myself to others quite often. Then I think: “I want to be as good as this person” or “I want to do better than that person” and that becomes my motivation for improvement and developement. No matter the motivation, striving to be better is never harmful. The harm comes only if you do not accept that you are good enough already.

When I need some inspiration I sometimes draw of my mum’s “Cards of Angels” with a word. Just before going to bed I drew this one on the picture: “Purpose”. I will now be puzzling with this word in my head until I find the reason I drew it. I think there’s always a skind of lesson in this cards you need to learn. Sometimes you just to make it up yourself. My mum and my family in general has huge value for me. Therefore it’s important for me that they are happy and proud of me. Maybe pleasing them is my purpose. Do you know your purpose?

Inspired by Daily Mails: One-Word prompt


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