skaermbillede-2016-09-21-kl-15-45-11A few weeks ago I got myself a new job. I can now call myself a mentor for Mentor Danmark. That is a little dream come true, because I love sharing my knowledge and motivate and inspire others to learn. My first meeting with my first mentee went well and I got this awesome review. Quickly translating the essential parts the highlighted words are first “spotless” about the meeting, then “sweet, nice, open and outgoing” about my appearance, “focused/targeted plan for the course” and finally “Really good work” about my effort in general. Hopefully this is just the beginning to a long row of succesful mentor experiences, where I get to do what a love whilst helping out children/young people who needs it. Of course being paid a little for it isn’t bad either!

 “Jeg har idag talt med Peter om jeres forløbstime. Han syntes at den var gået super godt! Helt pletfri 🙂 Han fortalte at du havde givet et rigtig godt førstehåndsindtryk og at du virkede både sød, rar, åben og udadvendt. Herefter fortalte han, at han syntes det var rart hvordan du havde afdækket hans faglige behov på en konstruktiv måde. Det virkede på ham og på din forløbstimerapport, som om i fik lavet en temlig målrettet plan for forløbet – og det er bare rigtig godt arbejde!
I er kommet rigtig godt fra start og jeg har sat 20 timer op til Peter.
Held og lykke med resten af forløbet!”

davUpdate on the Yin Yang design. I delivered on fiverr as requested, selling it way to cheap I guess. I then recieved a 5 (of 5) star review and the comment Superb! My mum told me I should try getting it printed somewhere and sell some more copies of it. What do you think?

IMG_20160921_150804.jpgOur supervisor at university complimented our team today for our worksheets so far. She pointed this one out as a good example and I felt proud because I made it. Obviously so I couldn’t have done it without the team and the printet text is written by one of my team members.

I feel like I am getting a long alright with the rest of the team. We have our tough times, but we work through it in a good way I think.

In general I’m feeling like I’m slowly making friends at my course, so that’s a good thing. The other day I ended up chatting wit two girls more than an hour after the last lesson. The two of us were then cycling home in the same direction. We had a really good talk and I like these two girls a lot so far.

Keep fighting everyone for your dreams… They might come true!


One thought on “Victories

  1. INFJash says:

    I love this Niko! So positive. Congratulations 🙂 I am curious to hear more about the mentor job! What made you apply? How did you feel before your first session? How many people do you see a shift? What is it about? I am so curious about this because I think I’d enjoy it but don’t feel confidant enough in myself to try.


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