Finally I finished the Yin yang zentangle project. I included the previous picture and the reference project as well so you can compare them. I know the picture’s are not the best quality, but that’s on purpose since I sell these products on fiverr. This is a project I’m extremely proud of and I desperately hope the costumer is satisfied with it as well.

Previously I made the clover and that was my reference piece for this project. I took the elements I liked the most and changed or improved them slightly to my preference. Luckily it turned out well and I feel like I improved since I made the clover less than a year ago. Comments are more than welcome. I like to get some feedback, so I can develop my skills and learn what my viewers/readers think about my work.

Is this the beginning of my art career? I don’t know. I doubt that I can live from it and that’s neither my intension. Drawing is my most faithful  hobby and I’m not planning on giving it up. However there’s a lot of other elements in my life that dedicate more time and energy to. Prioritising and setting goals is an art as well. Currently my highest priority is my education at uni, but I still take time for other activities that are dear to me. Let me tell you more about that another day.

My previous post about the project.

Another post about zentangles.


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