Get Rid Of It!

Decluttering is a messy project. Here’s most of what I’ve decided to get rid of the last month or so. The plasticbag contains about a fourth of what used to be my wardrobe. Now I just got the things left that I truly believe I will wear or feel something special about. The books are titles I’ll probably never read again anyways. Papers are something that I tend to hold on to for way too long. Most of the piled ones are notes, advertising or information folders that no longer serves any purpose for me. Decluttering is so difficult for me because I always think to myself: “What if I need this later?” However it’s more likely that I will maybe want them a little bit for a short period of time or completely forget about their existence. I hope and believe that cleaning out and letting go is gonna be more relieving than it is reassuring or entertaining to keep them. The quote I hold on to during this is: 

“Sometimes you need to let go of something good to make space for something better.”

Are you holding on to something you don’t need and barely know you have? Get rid of it!


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