Leftover Food

Remember the food I mentioned in the video the other day? I wonder why I haven’t included cooking in any of my blogs previously. In our family we try hard to make sure we eat all the food we buy so we can stop the food waste. That causes us to experiment a lot with leftovers. Wy mum claims I got a skill for cooking these so called “clean up meals”. Simply it means that I combine whatever we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards into to a full and delicious meals. Sometimes I do cheat a little and buy a few additional ingredients. Here’s a few recipes, tips and tricks when cooking with whatever you have:

Make sure you get all your fruits and vegetables! I know it’s not easy but I can tell you that most of these can actually be combined in a salad. Apples commonly appear in my salads because they are sweet, sour, juicy and crispy at the same time. Also they can be combined with almost anything else. If you are a fan of crunchy I recommend adding nuts of your favourite kind. Croutons are good two, they just tend to be so fatty.

Spice up your greens with a delicious salad dressing:  Mix honey, salt, chilli and lemonjuice. If you like it creamy mix it with low fat neutral yoghurt anything whit a similar consistency, but no strong flavour. The important thing is that it contains something sweet, sour, hot and salt.

Another way to get your vitamins from those vegetables is by making a Wok (stir fry): First add leak or anything with similar consistency and taste (like onion or spring onions). If you want meat of some kind, I recommend chicken, do it when the leak is fried soft and “golden”. As the chicken becomes light brown add whatever other veggies you might have. I like to use carrots, bell peppers and sweetcorn. Don’t forget to add spices! Thyme is good with carrots, oregano is good for anything and salt and pepper is a must. Add rice or noodles the last few minutes of frying (also genius for reheating if the rice is leftover from yesterday) for a little crispness and to absorb taste. Serve with shredded coconut, fresh apples and a chutney.

There’s a million way to make sandwiches. In Denmark we have open faced sandwiches and consider it national tradition. My lunchpack usually contains a bunch of bread slices with various “toppings”. Have you tried mayo, potato and fresh basil? I highly recommend it and it’s perfect if you have leftover potatoes from yesterday. You’ll be surprised how many kinds of food can actually be eaten on top of (or in between) a few bread slices. One of my favourite sandwiches have to be ham, cheese, spinach, tomato and green pesto.

In case you have leftovers or fresh ingredients and just can’t eat them before they go off day, try freeze them and add them to a warm dish another day.

Have some tips and tricks yourself? Please share, I’d love to read about them!

Inspired by Daily mail’s One-word prompt


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