We never stop learning

We learn something new every day. Sure not all lessons are equally life changing. Sometimes a lesson can be pleasant other times, it’s extremely painful. I once read that

“lessons keep returning until you learn them”

and I believe that to be true. In that context it was also written that these lessons tends to be more and more painful to increase the chance of us reacting upon the experience and learn from the events.

One of my favourite quotes is in latin. Originally it was not as optimistic, but I don’t mind because I like this edition. It means: “We learn not for school, bur for life”.

“Non scholae sed vitae discimus”

And sure I’ve learned a whole lot in school over time, but honestly I felt like I’ve learned more outside those educational institutions. Being a scout for example and meeting other people in that organisation taught a lot I would have never learned by a tradition teacher. Many of my practical skills are learned through other scouts, my family or different free time interests.

Some of the more important and useful lessons I’ve learned that are not school related are:

  • Being true to myself
  • Taking care of my own physical and mental health
  • I learn from responsibility and grow with it
  • Communication is essential for good teamwork and success in other areas
  • Being proactive and focusing on what’s in my control

There’s a lot more to this, so please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on this subject. The page “Personal developement” has previous content on this as well. I mark my post with the same tag”Personal developement”and “My advise” when they are centered around life lessons and similar stuff.

What have you learned which is useful and important to you outside school? Don’t forget to value and recognise those lessons and achievements. They are at least as important and valuable as the acedemic ones!

It was a One-word prompt a long time ago, but I don’t care, I’ll write about it anyways.


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