To My Audience

Dear readers and followers

Thank you for your positive and encouraging words. It means a lot to know my content is appreciated by you. Please comment even more on my posts and tell me what you like more of and how I can improve it. Sometimes it’s really hard to know if what I’ve written is useful, inspiring or interesting for you or just for my self. Therefore I need some good feedback from you out there.

I post when I have the time, the energy and the inspiration to share something with you. It’s been a long time since my last post for many reasons. Moving back to Denmark after my adventurous placement in England made me feel like I had less content and inspiration to write about. I know that doesn’t really make sense since I had more time and my posts were usually not about specific events. Also I ran out of good pictures to support my posts after my camera and phone both stopped working properly. In my opinion the posts became heavier end less inviting with the long texts and no photos. But what do you think? Do you like the deeper subjects with more reflexions and thoughts on a subject?

Even though I’ve already written a post about me I felt like a visual presentation would do no harm. This is very general and not specifically about my blog and the inspiration behind it or the content on it. There’s no sound on this video but I hope you enjoy it anyways.


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