skaermbillede-2016-09-21-kl-15-45-11A few weeks ago I got myself a new job. I can now call myself a mentor for Mentor Danmark. That is a little dream come true, because I love sharing my knowledge and motivate and inspire others to learn. My first meeting with my first mentee went well and I got this awesome review. Quickly translating the essential parts the highlighted words are first “spotless” about the meeting, then “sweet, nice, open and outgoing” about my appearance, “focused/targeted plan for the course” and finally “Really good work” about my effort in general. Hopefully this is just the beginning to a long row of succesful mentor experiences, where I get to do what a love whilst helping out children/young people who needs it. Of course being paid a little for it isn’t bad either!

 “Jeg har idag talt med Peter om jeres forløbstime. Han syntes at den var gået super godt! Helt pletfri 🙂 Han fortalte at du havde givet et rigtig godt førstehåndsindtryk og at du virkede både sød, rar, åben og udadvendt. Herefter fortalte han, at han syntes det var rart hvordan du havde afdækket hans faglige behov på en konstruktiv måde. Det virkede på ham og på din forløbstimerapport, som om i fik lavet en temlig målrettet plan for forløbet – og det er bare rigtig godt arbejde!
I er kommet rigtig godt fra start og jeg har sat 20 timer op til Peter.
Held og lykke med resten af forløbet!”

davUpdate on the Yin Yang design. I delivered on fiverr as requested, selling it way to cheap I guess. I then recieved a 5 (of 5) star review and the comment Superb! My mum told me I should try getting it printed somewhere and sell some more copies of it. What do you think?

IMG_20160921_150804.jpgOur supervisor at university complimented our team today for our worksheets so far. She pointed this one out as a good example and I felt proud because I made it. Obviously so I couldn’t have done it without the team and the printet text is written by one of my team members.

I feel like I am getting a long alright with the rest of the team. We have our tough times, but we work through it in a good way I think.

In general I’m feeling like I’m slowly making friends at my course, so that’s a good thing. The other day I ended up chatting wit two girls more than an hour after the last lesson. The two of us were then cycling home in the same direction. We had a really good talk and I like these two girls a lot so far.

Keep fighting everyone for your dreams… They might come true!



Finally I finished the Yin yang zentangle project. I included the previous picture and the reference project as well so you can compare them. I know the picture’s are not the best quality, but that’s on purpose since I sell these products on fiverr. This is a project I’m extremely proud of and I desperately hope the costumer is satisfied with it as well.

Previously I made the clover and that was my reference piece for this project. I took the elements I liked the most and changed or improved them slightly to my preference. Luckily it turned out well and I feel like I improved since I made the clover less than a year ago. Comments are more than welcome. I like to get some feedback, so I can develop my skills and learn what my viewers/readers think about my work.

Is this the beginning of my art career? I don’t know. I doubt that I can live from it and that’s neither my intension. Drawing is my most faithful  hobby and I’m not planning on giving it up. However there’s a lot of other elements in my life that dedicate more time and energy to. Prioritising and setting goals is an art as well. Currently my highest priority is my education at uni, but I still take time for other activities that are dear to me. Let me tell you more about that another day.

My previous post about the project.

Another post about zentangles.

Get Rid Of It!

Decluttering is a messy project. Here’s most of what I’ve decided to get rid of the last month or so. The plasticbag contains about a fourth of what used to be my wardrobe. Now I just got the things left that I truly believe I will wear or feel something special about. The books are titles I’ll probably never read again anyways. Papers are something that I tend to hold on to for way too long. Most of the piled ones are notes, advertising or information folders that no longer serves any purpose for me. Decluttering is so difficult for me because I always think to myself: “What if I need this later?” However it’s more likely that I will maybe want them a little bit for a short period of time or completely forget about their existence. I hope and believe that cleaning out and letting go is gonna be more relieving than it is reassuring or entertaining to keep them. The quote I hold on to during this is: 

“Sometimes you need to let go of something good to make space for something better.”

Are you holding on to something you don’t need and barely know you have? Get rid of it!

Zentangle Project

Months ago I made a gig on about selling.zentangles in a shape. This weekend I received my first order. The request is a Yinyang shape primarily inspired by the clover I’ve made previously. I’m so positively surprised that I finally have a paying customer and I’m exited to see what this brings. This is a nemorable.step in the process of being a professional artist. Ideas and comments are welcome for this piece of artwork, which is still in progress. When I finish it I want to celebrate, but I still need to figure out how.

Give Me A Break Please

People fascinate me. They make me wonder about problems, situations and ideas I would never come across on my own. My inspiration and motivation for almost everything I do comes directly or indirectly from other people. When I see something cool, useful or smart I want to learn it or at least learn from it. I have some awesome friends that I love and spending time with them brings the best out in me. My family is loving and supporting, so I couldn’t ask for more.

With that being said human beings drain my energy so much. When spending time in the company of others I get mentally exhausted in a matter of hours. I can’t stand to much human stimulation at the time. At some point I just stop thinking straight and stop enjoying myself. I know this is an introvert treat. We need our alone time.

There’s a variety of activities I take on to recharge my energy. One of them is drawing or just simply doodling. My sketches and artworks are incredibly different. It’s a huge mix of styles, motives and materials. Above is two drawings from my era of patterns. The one with colours was made within the last few months, the heart is several years old. Patterns is one of the themes I’ve taken on with the most success. Here are some other examples and I have even more which haven’t been uploaded yet.

Actually I have a long list of things I like to do to relax and have some high quality me-time. Reading fiction works wonders for me as well because it let’s me escape in to a different world for a while. Currently I’m reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. It took me almost half the book to start enjoying it, but now I’m hooked on it. Meditation worked for me a few months ago, but for some reason I stopped. Starting that again would probably benefit me. Physical activity is always a winner. If I’m physically on top I’m likely to be mentally on top as well. Orienteering is one of my favourite sports to recharge, because I’m alone, I’m busy with my body and I’m busy in my head. It’s relieving to just allow yourself to forget the rest of the world for a short amount a time.

Inspired by One-word Prompt

Leftover Food

Remember the food I mentioned in the video the other day? I wonder why I haven’t included cooking in any of my blogs previously. In our family we try hard to make sure we eat all the food we buy so we can stop the food waste. That causes us to experiment a lot with leftovers. Wy mum claims I got a skill for cooking these so called “clean up meals”. Simply it means that I combine whatever we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards into to a full and delicious meals. Sometimes I do cheat a little and buy a few additional ingredients. Here’s a few recipes, tips and tricks when cooking with whatever you have:

Make sure you get all your fruits and vegetables! I know it’s not easy but I can tell you that most of these can actually be combined in a salad. Apples commonly appear in my salads because they are sweet, sour, juicy and crispy at the same time. Also they can be combined with almost anything else. If you are a fan of crunchy I recommend adding nuts of your favourite kind. Croutons are good two, they just tend to be so fatty.

Spice up your greens with a delicious salad dressing:  Mix honey, salt, chilli and lemonjuice. If you like it creamy mix it with low fat neutral yoghurt anything whit a similar consistency, but no strong flavour. The important thing is that it contains something sweet, sour, hot and salt.

Another way to get your vitamins from those vegetables is by making a Wok (stir fry): First add leak or anything with similar consistency and taste (like onion or spring onions). If you want meat of some kind, I recommend chicken, do it when the leak is fried soft and “golden”. As the chicken becomes light brown add whatever other veggies you might have. I like to use carrots, bell peppers and sweetcorn. Don’t forget to add spices! Thyme is good with carrots, oregano is good for anything and salt and pepper is a must. Add rice or noodles the last few minutes of frying (also genius for reheating if the rice is leftover from yesterday) for a little crispness and to absorb taste. Serve with shredded coconut, fresh apples and a chutney.

There’s a million way to make sandwiches. In Denmark we have open faced sandwiches and consider it national tradition. My lunchpack usually contains a bunch of bread slices with various “toppings”. Have you tried mayo, potato and fresh basil? I highly recommend it and it’s perfect if you have leftover potatoes from yesterday. You’ll be surprised how many kinds of food can actually be eaten on top of (or in between) a few bread slices. One of my favourite sandwiches have to be ham, cheese, spinach, tomato and green pesto.

In case you have leftovers or fresh ingredients and just can’t eat them before they go off day, try freeze them and add them to a warm dish another day.

Have some tips and tricks yourself? Please share, I’d love to read about them!

Inspired by Daily mail’s One-word prompt

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Yes I love books and here is a review and recommendation for one of my all time favorites.7habits-cover I already mentioned this book in one of my first blog post, so if you think I’m repeating myself a bit then you are right. First of all I strongly recommend this book to everyone who want to be the best edition of themselves and live a high quality life. (Honestly does anyone NOT want this?). Therefore I will now tell you why to read it.

About the book in general:

Stephen R. Covey has written this book in such a way that it feels like he is opening the chamber of truth for you. This truth will help you a whole lot if you are open to it. He does not give you the list of answers like when someone cheats in a test. He rather gives you the toolbox to find these answers yourself, which is much longer lasting and gives you greater power. In the book there is plenty of examples, diagrams and detailed explanations in order to understand each habit and how they work together and compliment each other. The habits are split in to 3 parts: Personal victory, public victory and renewal. Before he dives in to each habit he explains how you have to master them one part at a time. The process of developing from a dependant to an independent and then finally an interdependent person is described. He does not only tell you how you can change to the better, he also motivate you to do so!

About the habits:

  1. BE PROACTIVE: Act instead of being acted upon. Take initiative. You are in charge of your life. Expand your circle of influence.
  2. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Realise who you want to be. Write a mission statement, set goals according to it and then plan how to reach them.
  3. PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST: Focus on what’s important, not urgent activities and invest time in them, without neglecting whats important and urgent.
  4. THINK WIN/WIN: No one needs to lose, everyone can win if you set your mind to it.
  5. SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD: Listen before and more than you speak.
  6. SYNERGIZE: Work together to reach better results for both.
  7. SHARPEN THE SAW: Renew and improve yourself physically, socially/emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you have read the book, please share your thoughts about it here. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

We never stop learning

We learn something new every day. Sure not all lessons are equally life changing. Sometimes a lesson can be pleasant other times, it’s extremely painful. I once read that

“lessons keep returning until you learn them”

and I believe that to be true. In that context it was also written that these lessons tends to be more and more painful to increase the chance of us reacting upon the experience and learn from the events.

One of my favourite quotes is in latin. Originally it was not as optimistic, but I don’t mind because I like this edition. It means: “We learn not for school, bur for life”.

“Non scholae sed vitae discimus”

And sure I’ve learned a whole lot in school over time, but honestly I felt like I’ve learned more outside those educational institutions. Being a scout for example and meeting other people in that organisation taught a lot I would have never learned by a tradition teacher. Many of my practical skills are learned through other scouts, my family or different free time interests.

Some of the more important and useful lessons I’ve learned that are not school related are:

  • Being true to myself
  • Taking care of my own physical and mental health
  • I learn from responsibility and grow with it
  • Communication is essential for good teamwork and success in other areas
  • Being proactive and focusing on what’s in my control

There’s a lot more to this, so please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on this subject. The page “Personal developement” has previous content on this as well. I mark my post with the same tag”Personal developement”and “My advise” when they are centered around life lessons and similar stuff.

What have you learned which is useful and important to you outside school? Don’t forget to value and recognise those lessons and achievements. They are at least as important and valuable as the acedemic ones!

It was a One-word prompt a long time ago, but I don’t care, I’ll write about it anyways.

To My Audience

Dear readers and followers

Thank you for your positive and encouraging words. It means a lot to know my content is appreciated by you. Please comment even more on my posts and tell me what you like more of and how I can improve it. Sometimes it’s really hard to know if what I’ve written is useful, inspiring or interesting for you or just for my self. Therefore I need some good feedback from you out there.

I post when I have the time, the energy and the inspiration to share something with you. It’s been a long time since my last post for many reasons. Moving back to Denmark after my adventurous placement in England made me feel like I had less content and inspiration to write about. I know that doesn’t really make sense since I had more time and my posts were usually not about specific events. Also I ran out of good pictures to support my posts after my camera and phone both stopped working properly. In my opinion the posts became heavier end less inviting with the long texts and no photos. But what do you think? Do you like the deeper subjects with more reflexions and thoughts on a subject?

Even though I’ve already written a post about me I felt like a visual presentation would do no harm. This is very general and not specifically about my blog and the inspiration behind it or the content on it. There’s no sound on this video but I hope you enjoy it anyways.