Reach out now

1 year ago I saw a post on my overfilled facebook newsfeed. That post soon changed my life, at least for a year. In the document I read about becoming a volunteer on a scout centre in England and that’s what I did just a few weeks later. After a week of training came different kinds of maintenance and more training. I met inspiring, funny and kind people from all over the world. My English vocabulary constantly expanded, my communication and teamwork skills improved, my independence grew. Every day was a flow of experiences and a collection of memories. This was the perfect choice for me. I reached out and grabbed that opportunity I’ve been waiting for in months, after dreaming for years.

1 month ago I discovered a course on finding my purpose. It is difficult, but I believe it is needed for my dreams to come true. It demands a great mental effort, but it also gives you useful tools to make progress. It gave me the structure and the plan I needed, a step, by step guide. Now I have coaching available if I need it. At this point I’m a bit behind, but I know I will catch up when I’m ready. I reached out and bought the help I figured I needed, which is the important part.

1 week ago I got a lift to see a place I’ve been hoping to see for almost a year. Visiting the British national scout centres was on my to-do ever since I started the volunteering placement. The journey itself turned to be even more exiting and memorable than the destination. Life usually turns out that way. I reached out and asked for the favour I wanted so much.

1 day ago I stepped in through my parents door and surprised my family with my return from overseas. I’ve come back to my home country  to study on university. I reached out and applied in time to get an offer on this education I’ve been considering for a while.

1 hour ago I was watching “The Pursuit Of Happyness” with my brother. I reached out and convinced my brother to find it so we could watch it together.


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