I’m an easy victim I guess and often not getting sarcasm. People around me “take the p*ss” with everyone all the time, not just me. But I seem to struggle a lot more than the rest to understand. I don’t know when they are being serious and when it’s just a joke along with all the other countless jokes. Most the time I ask myself: “Is this serious or not?” Unfortunately I get it wrong quite frequently and become slightly offended form all the random things they say to me. That can be exhausting, demotivating and emotionally painful. Multiple times I’ve read that INFJs are almost insanely good at understand people, but then how come I don’t seem to get them at all?

Humour is a good thing and when people joke with you it’s usually a good sign in one way or another. I do appreciate humour and jokes, but only when I get it… and that’s the problem. When I misunderstand I tend to get offended and overreact, which people don’t like. I want to improve my “reading” and understanding of other people. Simply by continuous practise I’m improving, it just takes a long time and I am impatient to reach a level way higher than where I currently am. Advise on this is more than welcome.

Response to One-word prompt


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