Book of memories

When I packed my bags back in late August last years I packed an empty book that’s been lying in my drawer for some time. It’s lovely colourful one with beautiful butterflies on the cover and a little golden lock. From the first week of training and all way throughout my placement in England I filled it with memories. Pictures, quotes, receipts, tickets and drawings makes it a cool visual experience as well. Making this book is a project and a hobby in it self but the best is how it reminds me of all the wonderful and memorable things I have experienced. I call this a combination between a scrapbook and a diary and I recommend everyone who enjoys a creative DIY project to make one of their own. Let me share some pictures with you as well:

Ideas for pages

Pictures! Stick them on in your desired pattern and theme them or group them as desired. It is always simple to do a page full of pictures and write a little text with each one, if you have any…

If you lack of pictures maybe you have brochures, tickets or other visual paper stuff you can stick on a page to catch the eyes. There’s also something cool and nostalgic about having the very ticket you used for this amazing memorable experience kept and saved. This is true scrapbook style!

Drawing is always an option when you have nothing physical to glue in their, but it can be a time consuming. Grab the pen, draw some lines and figures with relevance for the content or just for looks.

A lot of words need to come out? Let a full page or what ever amount of space you need be like a page in a diary and just write it all down. Imagine a few years in to the future when you open this book and read it again. What thoughts and emotions would you like to bring up in your future self?

If your thoughts are just a mess and you feel like you need to organise them, then create a mind map. Split it in relevant sections and just allow yourself to add anything that comes to mind. Symbols and drawings can be added for a better visual experience.

Themed pages are great if you’ve done a lot of little things in the same category, but they don’t really seem to fit in any where else. Maybe they are just so cool that they deserve their own pages.



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