Why do you think you can’t?

Yesterday I took the 2nd video lesson of my INFJ Purpose Blueprint course. This time I feel more exited, energized and enthusiastic about the exercise than I did with the last one. What I need was a mindset reset and that is exactly what this lesson was all about. My mindset is what is holding me back. Now I just have to identify, uproot and replace those limiting beliefs I have with something better. Well this is most likely not gonna happen overnight, but I can barely wait to get started. After the last lesson I really doubted that this course was the right for me at all and I didn’t think it would actually make that much a difference. That attitude has now been replaced with a much more hopeful and optimistic one.

Why do you think you can’t?

This question is what I now need to answer. When I know the answer I need  to convince myself that I am wrong and that I in fact can. Previously I have worked with this challenge and had positive result. This time it will however be more specific, more focused and more conscious. Let me give you some examples of what I have done and achieved even though I initially thought I couldn’t.

  • Move straight from my parents to a different country. I did. I packed, I left and now I live abroad. Sure it is only temporarily but that doesn’t change the fact that my parents live more than 500 miles away and here they don’t even speak my language
  • Get a fulltime job before graduating with a master degree. Even though it is temporary as a volunteer I do work full-time here. I just send the application and less than two weeks later I started. No qualifications need, just the time and the interest to do it.
  • Dance salsa. My friend was really skilled and elegant in this style and I thought I would never come anywhere close to that and dancing was probably not really my thing. I was super awkward, offbeat and hopelessly stiff in the beginning. Now I learned to relax more, feel the music od follow the leads. Still I am just enthusiastic amateur for social dancing, but at least I improved A LOT.
  • Make friends that last after geographical separation. I used to be shy and isolate myself most of the time. I didn’t get close to people. Now I have friends that live more than 300 miles away, but we still keep in touch.
  • Learn all the ropes. I am allowed and able to run all rope session. The training took me through step by step, I quickly got the hang of it. After that I added a few other qualifications as well and I run sessions in (almost) it all.

IMG_4724.jpgThere are other examples as well, but I think these are enough for now. Doing something you first thought wasn’t an option for you is all about having faith and leaping in to it. Take that one more step that scare you and then the magic happens. The sense of success and achievement is so satisfying. What have you done that you initially thought you couldn’t?


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