Do you want to be carefree?

Are you worried? Why? What are you so worried about? How do you think worrying is gong to make it any better. Spoiler alert; it won’t. Let me share a quote with you: “In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double.”I believe this contains an important truth. The problems tend to be bigger in our heads than in reality. Our imagination goes into overdrive and try to convince us that it is always going to turn out as the worst case scenario. That’s what worrying does. does this always become reality? Of course not. It might happen occasionally, but think about it. All your worries did not exactly make a positive difference in any case at all, did they? If you answer yes to this I think you might have mistaken worrying with planning, consideration or precautions. Many unpleasant, harmful and dangerous events can be avoided if we attempt to partially predict the future. Being considerate can save you a lot of trouble so it is a useful skill to have. Keeping it strong requires daily practise. If you like me wont to get rid of these useless worries try to follow these steps:

  1. Identify your worries. By accepting the fact that we are worried we have already taken the first step to help it from happening again.
  2. Phrase them. The exact reason behind the unpleasant feeling will be more clear to you if you phrase your thoughts and emotions related to it. Speak it loud to someone else or write it down to yourself.
  3. Imagine the worst case scenario. Force yourself to think about the worst that can possibly happen related to the cause of your concern. Is it really that bad? Sometimes it helps to realise that this situation is not even that bad. If it is still terrifying consider how you can affect it to turn out better.
  4. Take action. In most cases we have some degree of influence towards the situation which is making us uneasy. If we do our very best to prevent the worst and nurture the best, then we usually calm ourselves.
  5. Think positively. Now all you can do is hope for the best. Optimism towards it all will ease your mind and soul.

Don’t forget that being nervous is natural. Many people even claim it to be healthy in situations where the outcome is somewhat important. It sharpens your senses, your mind and your insticts which can be extremely useful. My advise: Don’t surpress your nerves, just tame them!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy“!

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