The Feast of Life

Think about it for a second; Life is like a feast. You are surrounded by opportunities all the time it’s up to you to reach out and grab them. Some experiences are pricy, some of them are completely free. This year I’m on a 12 month placement in England as a volunteer activity instructor on a Scout Activity Centre. For just the price of a plane ticket and a bus ticket I got all this. With the weekly expenses they provide me I am even able to save money. I’m swimming in new, exiting and challenging experiences every day and I absolutely love it! All I did was grabbing the chance when it appeared right in front of my face. Just like spotting a delicious specialty on a buffet. I just needed to act and take it, then it would be mine. Part of it the adventure is the privilege of living just a few minutes from stunning views like this.

Elf Kirk.png

By becoming a scout I’ve probably made the best decision of my entire life. It was my VIP ticket to the part of the feast that appealed the most to me. The scouts opened the door to the department of the outdoors, teamwork and independence. On the table in front of me I saw bushcraft, pioneering, team building, camping, hiking, problem solving, archery, sailing, climbing and so much more. I did not consume it all at the same time, but it was all so easy to access after I joined the right community.

Are you taking part in the feast of life?

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