The Drive to Keep Moving

One of the key parts to a happy life is hope and positivity. Another one is the motivation to to carry on towards you’r goals and dreams. Essential for hope and motivation is belief or faith. “Whether you think that you can or think you can’t, you’re right” is a quote from Henry Ford and I believe it is very true. It’s all about mentality.

So how do you achieve this “Drive to keep moving” in life? Well, this is individual for everyone, but I’m sure I can list a few general essentials. One of them is determination and willpower. If you imagine yourself as a vehicle, this would be the fuel. But fuel is no good without a motor, so that’s why you need goals. When you poor the willpower in to the your goals great potential is ready to be released. In order to move this vehicle we need actions, these will be the accelerator. To slow it down or occasionally we need reflection. After all no vehicle can drive continuously for eternity without breaking down eventually. Your wheels would be your attitude and mentality. You know the right mentality makes everything go so much smoother, right? As for the steering wheel you must have your intuition in place. Let your gut instincts lead the way. Enough of this imagery for now. Now carry on with your ride of meaning and optimism called “Life”.

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