I feel like this is the ultimate description of life. There’s ups and there are downs and it is impossible to predict when it turns over. We must enjoy the good times while they last and be strong throughout the bad times. Many things in life can be affected directly or indirectly by ourselves. We must take responsibility in those situations. Your health is highly affected by your lifestyle. Nutritious and balanced eating along with an active lifestyle can save you a world of trouble with health issues. But sometimes the matters are out of our hands.

Often people tend to have negative association about this word “unpredictable”. Surely things that are out of our control and beyond our knowledge can be scary. But imagine if we could predict everything that would ever happen to us? Life would be extremely boring in my opinion then. It would seem kind of pointless to try anything, because you’d already know the outcome. I’m glad that I don’t know what my entire future holds for me. I’m not that good with surprises and changes, but most of the time I’ve been lucky with these. Yes my past includes pain, darkness and wrong turns, but eventually I found the light again and got back on track. I don’t know what the future will bring and I’m not going to to try and predict it. I’m just want to say: “Bring it on!”

Response to One-word prompt


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