The Storm Inside

Overthinking is a typical INFJ trait and it is definitely happening to me. All the time this unstoppable stream of thoughts just rage through my brain. Most of if is questions. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt someone? Was it good enough? Do they like me? Will they remember this mistake forever? Yes I know most of these questions are completely unnecessary in most cases. Combined with all these unstoppable thoughts comes the ever-shifting emotions. I tend to take on other people’s emotions especially if they are close to me and my mood can turn in an instant. When both pf these hit me with the high winds and huge waves it feels like a storm within. All kinds of reasoning and control fail for an unknown amount of time. My otherwise clear head and gentle heart is exposed to an overload. This is when i withdraw from the world. I pull back, hide alway and do not show myself until I’m somehow in control again. Often I cry it out. Not in a subtle quit manner. No I’m talking about endless streams of tears and loud screams of pain. Believe or not it helps. It is like an emotional deep clean of my soul. Another good way to toggle this is to meditate. The concentration and the calmness of meditation really gets the storm under control and it quiets down to a gentle breeze. Then I can carry on trying to find and outlive my purpose of this wonderful life. What do you do to quit your storm down?

Response to One-word prompt


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