A little piece of me

Sometimes I feel like sharing my thoughts with others. This blog is one of my ways to do so. Hopefully my thoughts will make some kind of sense to you. If we are lucky they might even appeal to you and inspire you. Previously I’ve tried blogging on Facebook, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with that. That’s why I thought I’d give WordPress a try.

First I will present myself to you. Obviously I can’t include all the details, but here is a rough presentation of who I am:

My name is Nikoline, but usually people just call me Niko. I am an INFJ and that means I’m not like most others. But neither do I want to, ’cause normal is boring. Quotes are awesome and here are some of those that describe me the best. I also have a board of wise and inspirational quotes I try to live after.

For some more standard information:IMG_7658 (1)

  • Born in March 1995 and raised in Denmark by Danish parents
  • Scout since 2002 (and I’m proud of this!)
  • Love reading, drawing, being outdoors and dancing
  • Currently live in England
  • Volunteer as a fulltime activity instructor

Now that you’ve got a little piece of me, you have a foundation for understanding some of all the things I will share here. Please let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “A little piece of me

  1. INFJash says:

    I LOVE this idea of a post including some information about you! This is a wonderful idea. 🙂 I also love that you add pictures of yourself, your smile is infectious. Keep it up Niko! 😀


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